An Interview with Michel Martin of
NPR's Tell Me More

  A Tell Me More series on Black History Month:
  More College Students Choosing To
  Major In Black Studies

  February 3, 2010


The Washington, DC, Poetry Tour

  A poetry tour of Washington DC
  narrated by Elizabeth Alexander


An Interview with
NPR's All Things Considered

  Poet Calls Writing Inaugural Poem A “Challenge”
  December 18, 2008


An Interview with
NPR’s Weekend Edition

  Weaving Words For The Inaugural Poem
  January 17, 2009


An Interview with Stephen Colbert of
The Colbert Nation

  Elizabeth Alexander explains to Stephen the difference
  between a metaphor and a lie.
  January 21, 2009


An Interview with
CBS Evening News

  Eye To Eye: Inaugural Poet
  January 13, 2009



  Elizabeth Alexander on how the Derek Walcott-toting,
  June Jordan-quoting president will affect poets and poetry.


Basic Black Interview

  Host: Kim McLarin, January 31, 2008


Reading at Boston University

  State of the Art: African American Poetry Today


Jackson Poetry Prize Winner
Elizabeth Alexander Reads Work

  Elizabeth Alexander, winner of Poets & Writers’ Inaugural
  Jackson Poetry Prize
reading at Nabi Gallery
  May 23, 2007


Writers at Cornell

  Interview: Writers at Cornell
  Cornell University, February 2007



  Poet Elizabeth Alexander reads from American Sublime,
  nominated for a 2006 Pulitzer Prize, and Antebellum
  Dream, 2006


Tom Crann’s Interview
with Elizabeth Alexander

  Poet Elizabeth Alexander inspired by rich variety of
  experiences, Minnesota Public Radio, October 14, 2005

Poetry Reading

  Kitchen Portrait, 1971
  Minnesota Public Radio, October 14, 2005


-Reading and Discussions with Suzan-Lori Parks-

  W.E.B. DuBois Center, Harvard University, March 12, 2002


Discussion of The Black Interior

  The Tavis Smiley Show, January 8, 2004


Discussion of The Black Interior

- The Cambridge Forum, April 21, 2004


“Overture: Watermelon City”

  From DJ Rupture, Special Gunpowder


Reading from Lunch Poems Series

  UC Berkeley: October 5, 2000

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